What Are the Best Exercises to Do on a Pilates Wood Reformer?

The Original Pilates Wood Reformer is a power and versatile equipment that can process many types exercises targeting different part of the body in particular flexibility training, strengthen for overall muscle group. With a pilates wood reformer, you can do moves that are core-centric and postural enhancing as well., it's great for muscular endurance too. List of the top exercises to get them most out this advanced machine

Footwork Series

Footwork is the primary series performed on your Pilates reformer to develop strong legs and supple joints. This series usually features four to five versions (toes, arches and heels positions among them) exercising different muscles in the legs. Users push against the reformer's footbar with resistance set by springs, which can be light to heavy, for 8-12 repetitions per position. A weight-bearing exercise; this move tones the legs while helping to improve circulation and coordination.

The Hundred

The HundredA Pilates classic, the One hundred makes a great exercise to tone your core and build lung capacity. On the reformer, you lay on your back and keep head and upper shoulders lifted off of the carriage as legs are held long and elevated with arms pumping up an down. The precision of movement in the Hundred stimulates your core and tests endurance, so we think its a very practical exercise for core conditioning.

Leg Circles and Frog

You can increase hip flexibility and strengthen the lower abs with this exercise. Frog and leg circles are performed on the reformer with feet in the straps. Develops hip mobility, muscular control The leg circles call for lifting the legs to the ceiling and circling them outwards 10-15 times on each side. Then, the frog movement (legs extend out then pull back in) targets inner thigh and pelvic floor work.

Short Spine Massage

Short Spine The Short Spine Massage is a stimulating exercise that elongates the spine and stretches most of muscles in your back. On the reformer, a practitioner bends his/her knees towards their chest with feet in straps lifts hips off carriage and rolls down one vertebra at time. This is not just good as a therapeutic exercise but also works to help improve your ability for spinal articulation and flexibility. For best results, you should do 5 to 8 reps of each.

Long Stretch Series

An AMAZING series that will help you improve your core stability and upper body strength. Long Stretch Series: These are the exercises on the reformer like Long Stretch, Down STretch and Up stretch. These variations involve keeping the body stable and pushing/pulling with the hands on foot,and bar respectively. The movements work your shoulders, arms and core - for a holistic workout that builds strength (and muscles!

By adding these exercises to your workout routine on a pilates wood reformer you will work wonders for building strength, flexibility and feeling about how you are using that fine body of yours. Every ab workout works on vital components of the body and promotes an integrated full-body method to exercise, which is what Pilates has always taught us.

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